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Lisa Powell Ministries International was established as an Evangelistic-Church Ministry to reach out to the local community and the nations. Doctor Lisa Powell has been anointed by God to develop leaders who will minister the uncompromising Word of God in the power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit, to equip ministers of God's Kingdom to live a life committed to prayer, servant-hood, holiness, and integrity

Raised in the Catholic church, the nuns and priest sensed that there was a hunger in her heart to know God and would spend time with her encouraging her in the things of God. Unfortunately, being raised in a secular atmosphere exposed her to a lifestyle and morals that were ungodly. During her mid-teen years she fell into rebellion and became involved with selling drugs. God was faithful to His commitment to His daughter and at the age of 18 the Holy Spirit began to release His unconditional love upon her drawing her back to Him. It was then that she answered His call and since 1979 she has strived with all her heart to serve the Lord.

Dr. Lisa Powell has been involved in full-time ministry for over 25 years. She is a graduate of Ministry Training Institute founded by Dr. Fred Price and was ordained and licensed as a minister of the Gospel by Frontline Christian Fellowship.

Dr. Powell's apostolic calling has allowed her to serve in many areas of ministry within the Body of Christ locally and internationally. Her 20 years of international traveling consisted of training church leadership, leading mission’s teams to the nations of Korea, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, Republic of Benin, England, Cambodia, Jamaica, Israel, Nigeria, Kenya and Pakistan. Lisa Powell Ministries International is the apostolic covering for a network of pastors and churches in Kenya, Pakistan, and Nigeria.

Dr. Powell is a retreat and conference speaker, and has served in the local church in the positions of Church Administration, Bible Education Coordinator, Children’s Ministry Director, Outreach Ministries, and home Bible study cell groups. She has authored several Bible study materials, tapes, and curriculum.

For six years, Dr. Powell delivered weekly Biblical teachings over the Internet radio and the syndicated radio broadcast “Living Waters”. Dr. Powell has served as an Assistant Volunteer Chaplain in the women’s prison for seven years and presently serves as a Volunteer Chaplain for a hospice center.

She has established many neighborhood Bible studies, prayer meetings, and support groups for women who have suffered from sexual abuse, conducting services in the aids unit of the prison, and neighborhood boot camps for children.She is a recognized teacher in the topics of intercessory prayer, spiritual warfare, deliverance, and Christian leadership, and is the founder of Door of Hope Christian Fellowship and the Seminary of Biblical Studies and Ministry.

Dr. Lisa Powell has been faithfully married to David P. Powell Sr., for over 36 years. They have four adult children and ten grandchildren.
Lisa Powell Ministries International is serving, ministering, and making a difference in the lives of many people in many different parts of the world. Whether you need prayer, Christian materials, or Partner Service assistance, feel free to contact us by email Ministerpowell@aol.com. We're here for you…and will contact you shortly! Remember, Jesus Is Lord!


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